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Our Afternoons

Building Bright Futures

With our staff's expertise, we have carefully planned a variety of afternoon activities that provide children with a range of experiences and opportunities that enhance our child centred curriculum. These are planned with our children's interests in mind with the intention to broaden their horizons and knowledge of the  world around them.



Pre-school children naturally absorb other languages so this the perfect time to immerse them in a variety of words and sounds from around the world. Making the most of our culturally diverse staff team we encourage them to use foreign languages in learning and play. At the moment children are learning Spanish and Italian vocabulary at special snack times, cooking from around the world or finding out about Spanish pen pals. Learning other languages really supports children’s cognitive development, attitude towards learning and memory. 



Cooking activities are very popular with children and incorporate so much learning and so many skills. Children learn how to use kitchen tools safely to chop, grate and mash different foods. They find out about healthy foods and build confidence in trying new things they have prepared themselves. Cooking is an excellent starting point for exploring other cultures. Using a fabulous recipe book, we plan and teach children to make dishes from around the world and embrace being chefs for the afternoon. 


Tiger Cubs 

Staff are highly training on how to support children’s physical development using a range of specific exercise and activities that are fun and engaging.  This small focus group work ensures children do not lack the opportunity to develop fundamental sensory motor skills. It is so important that children’s gross motor skills develop well so they are ready for school and their future success. 

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