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Vision, Principle and Philosophy…

Making a Difference

We have a child-centered approach with key working and parents at the heart of everything we do. We provide a welcoming, nurturing and creative environment for children to become independent learners. We strive to prepare them for the next stage of learning.

We advocate ‘in the moment’ planning, following children’s interests, strengthening and broadening children’s ideas through quality interactions and using natural resources.

 We encourage and role model quality language, sharing stories, risk taking, exploration and caring for each individual child. Being an Inclusive setting and supporting children and their families is key.

Our continuous provision reflects our children’s interests and invites and enables them to learn through their experiences. Personal development and confidence are continuously fostered and expectations of behaviour are consistent and embedded.

Our inspirational team, innovates, supports, coaches and monitors to ensure our vision and ethos grows stronger each day.

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