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Parent Testimonals

At Leapfrog we are a family, a community. We welcome and value our parent's feedback.

This amazing accolade -  2023

In response to your Outstanding Ofsted which is thoroughly deserved and just highlights how lucky we are, both children and parents, to have such a caring and inspiring staff team. Huge congratulations to every single member of the team who work so tirelessly every day to make each day fun and exciting for every child.

A clear passion - 2019

Since my child has been attending Leapfrog, I have seen big positive changes in her development. The staff have always shown support. They are friendly, approachable and ready to answer any questions I have. You can clearly see they have a passion for what they do.

Up, up and away! - 2019

The whole staff team go above and beyond whats expected. We value the nursery greatly and especially enjoy the parent sessions and love how you manage to get the parents involved.
We love our Leapfrog family.

A big thank you - 2021

Being from a corporate background my eyes are attune to how an organisation is run;customer service;employee satisfaction and quality of care to clients, how users are developed and progressed - sadly I don't switch off! It is with this background that I formed my opinion of the nursery, in recognition of the staff's dedication, hard work and naturally making the comparison to the other nursery my son has attended - we referred to the other nursery as a profit centre.
Leapfrog, as an organisation, is well thought out and superb; happy contented employees delivering first class care to the children who attend their nurseries. It is obvious you have a great recruitment process in selecting high calibre, caring staff, we ultimately feel so lucky to have found a slot for our son with you! Thank you

Printing pictures - 2018

I have to say a huge thank you to A's key worker, who by taking the time to take A into the office and print her pictures of her fascination, Egypt, is just another example of the sort of thing that makes Leapfrog such a wonderful nursery.

Exceptional care and attention - 2018

Very soon after the start of my sons first term at Leapfrog , his key-worker identified a possible hearing problem. I was a bit sceptical at first but arranged the audiology tests. My son was soon diagnosed with mild hearing loss in both ears. We need to congratulate his key worker on being so professional and alert to our child's needs. The staff are all excellent communicators and provide a really high standard of care. We have no reservations about recommending your nursery to all our friends!

Happy and Confident - 2020

Thank you for taking such good care of my son. We are so happy to see how much he loves going to nursery. He always talks about his teachers and friends and how much fu her has with you all. We are so happy and confident about the care you give him. You are all wonderful!

Report review - 2018

We are delighted with O's report! To hear that his hand eye coordination is good and that his confident in playing and socialising with his peers! We can see that he has developed a good pencil grip and is interested and coming along with writing his name. Thank you so much for the great care you have given him. He has come on leaps and bounds with the help you have all given him at Leapfrog. His report is accurate and personal, we will cherish it forever, thank you!

Wonderful start to school life - 2022

You have provided my son with such a vast range of wonderful learning opportunities during his time with you that he has clearly benefited from. What a wonderful start to his school life! Your efforts are so very appreciated!

Confident learner - 2023

Thank you for everything! F's confidence has increased immeasurably and he LOVES learning!

Ready for school - 2019

My daughter has had a FANTASTIC year at Leapfrog. She has loved the ever changing nursery environment, she is happy and confident and always full of enthusiasm. She has learnt so much in such a fun way, she is ready for school thanks to your dedication, support, care and passion for teaching. Thank you!

Warm approach - 2020

Leapfrog has maintained a really traditional warm approach while moving with the times.

A big thank you 2023

She loved making the bread with her nanny today, thank you so much for organising such a lovely activity. My mum loved it too! Such a lovely memory for them.

Teeth cleaning support 2023

Normally he always needs support to brush for the whole two minutes. However, the last 2 nights, he has brushed completely independently since you did it altogether at nursery.

Couldn't be happier - 2023

We have noticed such a huge difference in her speech, eating and independence. We couldn't be happier. She is such a happy child and always so happy to come to nursery. Thank you for all you do.

Recommendation - 2023

Absolutely bursting with pride reading all of that. We can't thank you enough for all of her development. We said it when other older daughter attended Leapfrog and the same is true for her experience. The Leapfrog team really are a credit to the fabulous little people our daughters are turning into. 
I couldn't recommend you enough!

Best decision ever - 2023

This report makes us burst with pride! He adores you all and speaks so fondly about you and his time at Leapfrog. I regularly wonder why on earth we didn't start him soon. Better late than never, it's the best decision we ever made. Thank you all for being so wonderful.

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