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Leapfrog fees

funding information

We are completely transparent with our fee structure, using an hourly rate to keep things simple.

The hourly rate from September 2023 is £10.50.

Government funding is available the term after your child is 3.  The nursery claims the funding on your behalf.  The funding amount at present is £5.44 per hour. We invoice parents for the remainder, which stands at £5.06 per hour for up to 30 hours per week, dependant on eligibility. You can find out more details regarding this Quality Premium in our terms and conditions.

We cannot offer free of charge places.

We invoice parents termly, but can accept monthly payments if you prefer.

The deposit/fee to secure your place is £100, £40 of which is deducted from the first invoice you receive, however if you pay the deposit/waiting list fee and then decide you no longer want the nursery place, the deposit is non – refundable.

You may be eligible for tax free childcare and up to 30 hours of funding, towards your fees. You can check your eligibility at:

If you have any questions, you can contact our business manager, Nicola.

The contact details for the office are:

Telephone: 020 8360 0022



Or to contact the nursery directly:

Grange Park: 020 8360 0088

Compton Road: 020 8882 0060

Church Hill: 020 8886 4388

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