Grange Park

Our Nursery in Grange Park offers a unique pre-school experience for children from 18 months until they move onto school. Currently open from 8am – 4.30pm, our popular site offers full or half day sessions.

Leapfrog at Grange Park has been open since 1998 and has very recently been described, by a parent, as " having maintained a really traditional warm approach while moving with the times." 

The Nursery is split into the 'big' and 'small' hall.

Our Big Hall provides a slightly more challenging learning environment for your child whilst the small hall has a home from home feel and is incredibly nurturing. In both halls we continue our 'in the moment planning', alongside a  number of preplanned ‘focused activities’ that reflect the children’s current interests, along with important cultural celebrations that are carefully planned with parents using our family calendar.

Being perceptive educators here at Leapfrog we recognise the impact of children’s surroundings on their well-being and development.  This is why we embrace being a pack away setting; in that we get to create, daily, from a blank canvas, a room that invites children to feel safe whilst experiencing the awe and wonder of the world! There are endless opportunities to learn at every turn and all areas of learning are reinforced through ‘purposeful play’. Every activity we do with the children is to prepare them for their next stage of learning.

Our big and small hall gardens both nurture healthy and active fun. They too can be set up differently every day and are wonderful areas with lots of opportunities to either climb, cycle, or enjoy sand and water play. Children learn and interact with natural elements; they can be little scientists when measuring the flow of water through our specially designed water play area, using funnels and guttering to engage them in their learning.

Of course, our focus in the big hall is getting children ready for their next stage of learning, encouraging independent thinking and actions. We want them to be confident in areas of self care and risk taking, as well as fostering friendships.

We have very strong links with primary schools in the surrounding area and work closely with our parents throughout the year, through parent workshops, parents evenings, school application talks, story Cafes, Key worker coffee mornings to name but a few. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage clearly highlights the importance of facilitating smooth transitions in order to foster children’s emotional wellbeing and maintain the progression of their learning and development. At Leapfrog we strongly believe that well supported transitions contribute to children’s personal growth and help develop their self-esteem, confidence, independence and resilience.

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