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The Story of Sidney the sardine - a story to read to your children during Covid 19.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Well, this is a story about Sidney the Sardine. Sidney was a very little fish and

he usually swam about in the sea with his friends. But today Sidney was feeling

a bit sad because his mummy sardine told that he could only play at home by

himself because there were lots of germs swimming about in the sea and his

mummy didn’t want him to be near those germs because they would make

him very sick.

So Sidney played all alone in his garden under the sea without any of his

friends. Only his mummy and daddy were with him. Sidney was very fed up

and he wished all those horrid germs would go away so that he would be able

to see his friends again. But by staying at home he was helping all the doctors

and nurses to look after all the people that the germs had made so sick. Sidney

sat down in a quiet place in his garden and began to think about all the friends

he was missing.

First of all he thought about Flora Fish. Sidney liked Flora, she was always very

kind to everyone. She had kind hands and helped the other fish in the nursery

if they found swimming difficult. She had a quiet voice and was gentle with the

younger fish. But Sidney couldn’t see Flora because of the germs. He was very

lucky to have a friend like Flora.

Sidney thought about Oliver Octopus. Sidney quite liked Oliver but he was

always messing with other people’s toys and being a bit annoying. If you found

something to play with at nursery you could be certain that Oliver would come

along and try to take it away from you. Sidney felt a bit sorry for Oliver because

he didn’t have many toys at home, so perhaps that’s why he always tried to

take the other fish’s toys. Sidney couldn’t see Oliver because of the germs but

he decided that he was going to try and be a bit nicer to him. Sidney was very

lucky to have a friend like Oliver.

Sidney thought about Sophie Shark. Oh dear, to be honest Sidney was a little

bit frightened of Sophie. Sometimes she was quiet and played happily with the

other fish and then for no reason at all she would get really cross and do lots of

loud shouting and throw the toys around. This worried the other fish. Sidney

had overheard his teacher say that Sophie couldn’t help her cross behaviour

and her mummy was very worried about her. Sidney felt sad about Sophie and

thought that he would try to be more understanding when all the germs had

gone. Sidney was very lucky to have a friend like Sophie.

Sidney thought about Liam Lobster. He really liked Liam. Sidney and Liam

played a lot together and they were best friends. Sidney went to Liam’s house

and they played in Liam’s garden while their mummies had a coffee. They liked

running about together and sharing their toys. He was looking forward to

seeing Liam after the germs had gone. Sidney was very lucky to have a friend

like Liam.

Sidney thought about Winnie Whale. Oh my goodness Winnie was such a big

fish and sometimes it was hard to play with Winnie, especially when they

played ‘hide and seek’ because Winnie couldn’t fit in the hiding places! Quite

often she would get a bit sad and go off on her own which made the other fish

a bit cross. But Winnie was a kind-hearted fish really and Sidney thought he

would try not to find small hiding places when the germs were over. He was

very lucky to have a friend like Winnie.

Sidney thought about Claire Crab. Claire was very fast and always dashing

about everywhere with all her legs! She was very good at running and when

they had fish races, Claire always won. Sidney and Liam tried very hard to beat

Claire at races but no matter how hard they practised they just couldn’t get

past her. Claire’s daddy was a fast runner too so Sidney thought he must have

been showing her how to run fast. Perhaps when the germs were over Claire’s

daddy could help Sidney and Liam to run fast too. Sidney was very lucky to

have a friend like Claire.

Sidney realised that he was so lucky to have so many friends and it was so

lovely that they were all different!

Then one day Sidney’s mummy and daddy came to wake him up in the

morning and said “ great news Sidney, the germs have almost gone and you

are allowed to go back to nursery and play with your friends “

Wow, Sidney was so excited. What a lucky sardine he was to have so many

lovely friends. He was so looking forward to playing with them all again

without all those horrid germs to worry about!

Can you remember the names of Sidney’s friends?

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