The Small Hall

Children begin their nursery journey in our nurturing, homely small hall. Here they are introduced to the nursery routine and are settled into nursery life, supported by an experienced staff team who create a wide variety of stimulating experiences to aid the settling in process. In this safe, nurturing environment we spontaneously plan activities around our observations of children's interests and needs and the things that you tell us they enjoy.

The small hall opens out onto an interesting and stimulating outside garden area where the children are encouraged daily to explore and experiment with open ended resources and activities provided for outdoor play. The garden includes a fully equipped play house, a range of sensory flower tubs, ample space for physical play, a mud kitchen and includes a UV canopy which makes exploring the outdoors accessible in all weathers.

The nursery is set up to enable children to make choices in their learning as equipment is made available to them in accessible trolleys. Children can freely come to our snack bar during the session where they will be supported by an adult who will remind them of the importance of hand washing and help them with pouring a drink, serving themselves a healthy snack and giving them fresh fruit that they can peel themselves. We also support children's developing independence with personal hygiene routines.

In our small hall, we foster your child's independence skills, confidence and self-esteem in order to lay the foundation for your child's progression into the bigger hall and later onto school.


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