Quality Premium

Making a Difference


The enhanced quality of our provision is outlined below 

The Principal of Leapfrog is a qualified early years’ specialist teacher with over 40 years of experience of working with pre school children.

  1. We employ qualified and experienced staff. We use a higher staff ratio than legally required. We have an Early Years Teacher leading the team, alongside a highly experienced General Manager & an inclusion manager that specialises in SEN. We have 3 highly skilled Assistant managers who lead good practise across the 3 nurseries. The senior leadership team ensure that the quality of the nursery is always at the forefront of our practise. They have an overview of all three settings and are always available to provide support and guidance to staff and parents.     

  2. Our staff ratios are over and above the Ofsted requirements, ensuring you child has good access to individual attention and small group opportunities.

  3. We sometimes offer additional classes, at no extra cost, throughout the year. We have previously had yoga, multi-sports and music.

  4. We value staff training and organise a programme of training specifically designed to ensure that our team has the knowledge and skills to provide the best opportunities for your child.

  5. We employ a Business Manager who works with you to access your child into our nursery. She deals with all administration queries and will support you with invoices, payment plans, vouchers, NEF, changes to your session times so that you can choose the sessions that suit you.

  6. We offer you flexibility so you will be able to change or vary your sessions any time you choose (spaces permitting). Our nursery hours differ slightly at each site to suit parents working hours and to further enhance our flexibility and choice.

  7. We must set up the nursery on a daily basis from scratch this involves all staff starting their working day at 7.30am to ensure that we provide a stimulating, rich and enabling environment for your child.

  8.  Our resources and equipment are all of a very high specification and are specifically chosen to enable children to make choices and grow and develop through quality early play experiences.

  9. We offer parent training sessions throughout the year to help you to continue to support your child’s learning at home, and prepare them for their transition for school.

  10. Where possible, we visit you at home before your child starts at Nursery so that we can make your child’s entry into nursery as smooth as possible. This also gives you the opportunity to give us a full and detailed account of your child’s needs before starting.

  11. In order to be flexible for working parents we hold parents evenings at least twice a year. This gives parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning and development with us.

  12. We send parents regular emails and have termly newsletters, keeping you updated on what’s happening at nursery.

  13. We organise ‘FUDGE’ days for fathers, uncles, dads, granddads, which provides an opportunity for male members of your family to be involved with their children at nursery.

  14. We record your child’s journey of learning through early years in a learning journal. This journal is presented to you when your child moves from the nursery into school.

  15. We employ the latest technology in order to plot your child development, using photographs and written observations to plan next steps.

  16. We organise annual events which bring together parents, staff and children, usually on Saturday’s.

  17. We have an App and social media to communicate efficiently with parents.

  18. We provide our early starters with breakfast, and provide children with healthy snacks throughout the day. We also provide other consumable and wipes.

All the above are referred to as the quality premium element of our fees. The education and care is funded by the government.